Dawn Reader

Dawn will be joining a3 as our guest artist for Fresh Art Fair in 2019. 
"I"ve been painting the sea for as long as I can remember. In my quest for wonderful waves, I realised what actually captivates me is the light.
I’m inspired especially by the early morning light, whether it dances on water, reflects off a silent snow scene, or shines through trees. Although my landscapes can appear lonely or bleak, I unashamedly paint beauty and try to capture a sense of majestic freedom, together with stillness and tranquillity. I also concentrate on a time, once gone, can never be repeated, rather than a particular place. 
By simplifying and softening the forms in the landscapes I paint, through the use of a limited and somewhat muted palette, I aim to extract and focus more on a spiritual serenity. The application of light and dark in my work serves not only to bring depth and perspective but also to emphasise the force and power in creation. I find that the layering of translucent glazes helps to emphasise light and shadow and allows for a rich build of colour and structure. Each painting is unique and commits to canvas a fleeting moment which will never surface again. 

Darren Dearden
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Darren is our first guest artist and wil be joinng us at Fresh Art Fair in Cheltenhamin May 2018. From bold and abstract compositions of shape, contour and colour to intricate textured work, Darren, now working in Bath, continues to push his work in all directions evolving in subject matter, mediums and styles. “Although sometimes simple in appearance and creating underlying emotions, my work is complex and carefully crafted to the enquiring mind so that in the end a part of myself shows through as well as the meaning behind it”.
His work reflects thoughts and aims to lift the spirit and promote a sense of harmony. Inspired by events around him his paintings are a celebration of life and all its layers and relationships.
Darren works in a variety of mediums and his subjects are wide ranging and chosen because they complement his working style.

Visit Darren's WebSite 

Frank - Acrylic on Canvas