Our Artists 
 ​​​​​​​​​​​Diane Haddon-Moore MA

Diane’s style of painting blends a contemporary approach with traditional subjects and unusual modern textures. Using a variety of media, working methods and supports, she creates beautiful, vibrant and dynamic paintings from a truly original perspective.

Her combination of traditional and contemporary styles and techniques transforms the everyday object or scene into a striking and exceptional piece of imagery, encouraging the viewer to see and explore subjects in a new light as well as appreciating their beauty.
As a colourist, Diane’s love of bright, dramatic and contrasting hues finds vivid expression in her work. Commissions undertaken.

 ​​​​​​​​​Dawn Reader
Oil painter of land and sea.  Inspired by the early morning light whether it dances on water, reflects off the silent snow or shines through the trees, I unashamedly paint beauty in the wild and try to capture a sense of majestic freedom together with silence and tranquility.  Concentrating on a fleeting moment that once gone is never repeated, the paintings resonate with memories rather than a particular place.

By simplifying the landscape and removing the detritus, the aim is to focus on the essence of the scenery and a spiritual serenity.  The application of light and dark in my work serves not only to bring depth and perspective, but also emphasizes the force and power in creation.

The technique of layering translucent glazes helps to emphasize light and shadow and allows for a rich build of colour and structure. Each painting is unique and commissions are accepted.

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 ​​​​​​​​​Steve Yeates

The renaissance of figurative art has a new protagonist in Brighton born, London Based artist Steve Yeates. He explodes the concept of the traditional aesthetic by his innovative use of socially inherent recycled materials such as reconstituted vandalised bus shelter glass & resin or recycled papier mache paper products.

Creating reflections of the human body from shattered vandalised bus shelters by reconstituting the glass is just one of the many ways that this innovative figurative artist uses the concept of de-construct to evolve destructive forces into new constructive aesthetic realities. If the re-genesis of tradition art is proving awkward, its maturation is surely blossoming with this incisive exploration of the human soul.

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